Photography : Light and Shadow

Posted under Blog on : 02/06/2014 09:10:51

Photography means painting with light. Lighting is the most important element when we're gonna make a pictures. And when there is light, there's also a shadow. Sometimes people forget about that, no matter where's the light is come from, either from natural light such a sun or artificial light like a flashlight, it will produce some shadow.
Don't be afraid of shadow in. Maybe we can eliminate them of it by put some fill light or use a reflector. But we can't  lose it completely.  Without a shadow, any photograph will looked flat, like there is no dimension. And it looks more like digital image than photograph.
So, don't lose the shadow, but work them out. First choose which area that we want to get illuminated, than work the shadow. Decide how the shadow wanted to appear, and make them harmonically bring out the dimension. Make sure the light and shadow in proper amount to give the best result for the pictures.
And that is photography.
Work with the lights, play with the shadows.

Happy shooting!