I like photography since 'forever'. Even when I was a  little kid, I always had 'duty' to shoot  our family pictures with my compact camera. But I  just realized that photography was 'the right path' for me in late 2003, and decided to make it as my professional work. Trying to learn more about it myself since then, I know it would hard to achieved without a proper educations. So in 2004, I took a photography course in Darwis Triadi School of Photography, the one and only-best school of photography in Jakarta that I know of.

I begin my professional career in 2005, up until now I'm still doing every field of professional  project like portrait, wedding, product, company, interior, magazine, etc. And since 2012 I also became an instructor, part of instructor team of professional photographers in Darwis Triadi School of Photography.

I like to meet new people, and with photography I can explore everything about them. One thing that make me excited about photography is, it's like a coin with two sides. In one side I can be professional, I can take a job and make an income from it. The other side, I too can be an artist. I can use photography as a tool or a way to make some arts. I can make a pictures that I really liked, and I can photograph things that fit my passion.

I love women and always adore them, I don't want to be hypocrite about that, I love to take picture of them. For me there is nothing more gorgeous object for photograph except a figure of a beautiful woman. I think, once beauty get captured, it won't faded through times. Once beauty captured it would last forever, it'll be more than meets the eye. And it's something that money can't buy.
I'm not really into 'pure' fashion photography. I prefer called myself as a fashion and glamour photographer. Because I think I could make more fascinating pictures if I added some elements of glamour in my photograph. I want to revealed the elegance and the sensuality of woman in my pictures, without having them expose all part of their body.  So when I'm working with a model, I always look for three important components; beauty, fashion, and glamour.

I'm also not really into digital imaging. I like my photograph the way it is, and still has the soul of 'photography' that originally means "painting with light"-not painting with photoshop. Because I think there's a big different between photograph and digital image. I'm a photographer, not a digital artist. So I used digital editing(or should I call digital retouching) just to complete my-already good-photo into something perfect, not to make something that beyond imagination or some fantasy image. And I think there's different market for both photography and digital image.

As a professional photographer my services including fashion and glamour photography, product/still life/commercial photography, company profiles, wedding photography and  portraiture. Though not so much doing wedding anymore, recently I do only personal photoshoot for private collection. Contact me for rates.

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